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The question of whether the online business is the future of pour generation or is it just a phase that will pass soon and the businesses and various transactions will return to their traditional manner. In my opinion, it is not a phase but a much-needed transition.

This transition of the market from a physical and traditional setting to online settings is happening for a long time now and is not something that started a few months ago. The traditional market shifted to online means rapidly over the past one and a half years due to the covid-19 pandemic and lockdowns induced by it.

However, businesses were shifting towards online means from before that and covid-19 just gave it a boost, hence most of the businesses are operating through online means now. Some of the businesses have online setups only without any physical presence in the market as it is a very beneficial and convenient form of business.

It is impossible that the business will shift back to the traditional way and will abandon online means after the covid-19 induced pandemic is settled as the market is evolving towards better means by the day. online businesses and marketing such as digital marketing and SEO services have helped many small businesses establish themselves. Online marketing helps enhance the reach of a brand as it allows brands to advertise internationally as well with very little investment.

Online business is the new phase of life and is loved by customers as well as now they can find anything they want in minutes and get it from the comfort of their home. With international shipment, customers can avail products that are not in their area as well.

Therefore, brands now need to shift or co-operate on online platforms as well and advertise their brand digitally to form customers and expand their business.

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